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The Acupuncture Weight Loss Program


Acupuncture weight loss is a new industry in a way. Although acupuncture itself is ancient, it doesn't have a very long history of being used for weight control purposes. Only that modern living has taken obesity to a level that's seen both patients and medical professionals looking for a treatment for weight loss. Hence, the birth of acupuncture weight loss research.


Acupuncture weight loss practices have already been studied in China since 1998, where the population has been ballooning due to the influx of Western foods.


acupuncture for stress insomnia migraines headaches obesity weight loss infertility practices boot the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems of the patient, making the patient feel fuller faster and resulting in better digestion. With the combination of natural treatments and needles, the individual's target of losing weight is almost assured.


Some acupuncture weight loss meridian points are the stomach, spleen, and kidney. The Lungs, mouth, and thyroid are other points used for remedy. All treatments are customized for the patients as they have different requirements and their bodies are also different.


There is a treatment obtainable in the West based on theories of ear acupuncture weight loss. It is usually promoted as 'Weight Control Ear Staples.' All these are not advised although this treatment not only disregards 90% of the full treatment but might also cause infections and damage the ear cartilage. Acupuncture weight loss is a slow somewhat holistic therapy and cannot be emulated only by clipping things to a person's ears. Hence, it would be prudent to disregard this ear acupuncture weight loss approach.


Most patients undergoing an acupuncture weight loss program only report great results in about a year. Note that an acupuncture weight loss program doesn't demand a focus on diet and exercise. The key will be to make the individual fell full quickly and consequently eat less. Willpower or spending hours in the fitness center is not mandatory. On the flip side, American acupuncture for stress and anxiety relief practitioners will require the individual to follow an exercise and diet plan. This takes lots of effort for the individual to follow.


Individuals should preferably make time for two or even more treatments per week, while on the acupuncture weight loss treatment. These remedies include the setting of needles, together with the use of gentle electric currents. Subsequently, the individual is advised to take herbal mixtures to aid the elimination of toxins and strengthen the flow of qi. The initial area of the program involves gentle and slow weight loss. Hearing acupuncture weight loss practices might be used at this time in the form of herbal seeds attached to the ear.


The latter part of the weight loss procedure includes stabilizing the patient and slowly bringing back into the diet things that could have been removed during the treatment. Check on into this topic at